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State Bird Provisions

June 22, 2012

San Francisco Midwife: State Bird Provisions

So, you are 37 weeks pregnant and you just finished your last day of work. Ahh, finally the home stretch and not having to get up in the morning at a given hour. If this is baby number 1, the house is quiet and it is time for you and your partner to have a few last hurrahs before, well, your life changes forever! Why not head down to State Bird Provisions where homebirthers, Nicole and Stuart, have opened perhaps the only American Dim Sum restaurant in the world! Dim sum meaning that there are some menu items, but most of the lovely fare comes around on carts with servers and you let them know what you want. It is an entertaining and fun experience, but, most of all, the food is AMAZING!! Stuart and Nicole are the kind of chefs that whip up plates where every morsel is a taste sensation. Flavors whisper and sauces swirl — do you taste that mint? lime? hazelnuts? Everything is so yummy and delicate in a way that you want to savor each bite as each flavor takes its turn teasing your taste buds. You get the picture—really, REALLY good food; fun atmosphere; super nice homebirthers. You can’t go wrong!

San Francisco midwife: State Bird Provisions

State Bird Provisions: 1529 Fillmore Street between Geary and O’Farrell. Go on the early side to avoid a wait!

San Francisco Midwife: Nicole and Stuart

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