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A Fourth of July Chocolate Tart

July 6, 2012

Now that I’m back from the Junior Volleyball National Championships in Ohio (Viola’s team is ranked in the top 10 teams for 12 year olds!), I’m ready to roll with a few more recipes. Here’s what I made for the Fourth of July. Mostly I’m thinking that we all need some treats every now and then, by why not make them as nutrient dense as possible? Especially in pregnancy, we can really feel that every bite counts. So here is the gluten free, dairy free, almost vegan (there is 1 egg in the crust), nutrient-dense chocolate tart that is midwife-approved!

First let’s handle the crust: This recipe comes from a blog called Against All Grain.

Click on the following link to make The Honey Graham Cracker Pie Crust. I found this crust super easy to make and has a really nice flavor with the mix of coconut, cinnamon and vanilla.

The filling is an an adaptation of the Chocolate Avocado Mousse Recipe found on the Paleo Diet Lifestyle website. Here’s the changes that I made to that recipe:

3 ripe avocados

1 over ripe banana

6 very soft dates, pitted

4 Tbsp raw cocoa powder

4 Tbs coconut sugar

The banana gives the mousse a slight banana flavor, but not too strong. The avocado is the paleo/vegan trick for a creamy dessert without dairy, but certainly doesn’t taste like avocado. Both the dates and the coconut sugar are alternative sweeteners to refined white sugar. Add the flaked coconut on top for added flavor and fun.


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