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Haitian Food

August 19, 2012

Dina, Ami and I are now in Haiti on our third trip with the non-profit, Midwives for Haiti. I wanted to at least tell you about what I am eating (especially since I now have free and easy WiFi). Most of the Haitian meals are centered around a literal mound of carbohydrates: mostly rice with a few beans, polenta with bean sauce or bulgar wheat with beans. You top this with a sauce that is slightly spicy and contains a little bit of protein. Today we each got a chicken leg because it is Sunday. Every Sunday, the children at the orphanage where we are staying get one chicken leg each. They eat spaghetti for breakfast most days and rice and beans always.

We bought watercress and a red and yellow pepper at the market today that was part of our meal. Avocados are in abundant supply, so we’ll have that almost every day.

Here is what we had at Matthew 25 on our first night in Port Au Prince: polenta with bean sauce, pikliz which is their spicy coleslaw, avocado, fried plaintains and acra. We are happy here in Haiti and I hope I will have more opportunities to share some of our food experiences with you.

You can follow along with our midwifery experiences on my birth blog at Women in Charge.

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