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Korean Soup — Delivered!

March 4, 2013
Thanks to Kathryn Aaker for contributing this info. She had a homebirth last year. Her son, Noah, is 14mo! Here’s what Kathryn says, “I subscribed to your food blog and noticed the Korean soup recipes and thought I’d mention that there’s also some ladies in Oakland who make Chinese and Korean postpartum soups and stews, and sell them individually through Good Eggs.  It might be a good resource for new mamas who might be too busy to cook!
 I truly believe that it was nutrition that literally helped me survive my postpartum, plus be able to continue exclusive breastfeeding!  Angie Needels stocked me up with her amazing WAPF-influenced postpartum food, and it helped so so much.
So thanks for educating families on the importance of this stuff!  I know I definitely appreciated knowing what a difference it could make, when I really needed it most.
Take care,
Kathryn Aaker
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  1. Sarah Melanie - Au Pair - USA - 2013 permalink
    March 30, 2013 12:32 pm

    Many thanks, too!
    And I’m kind of hungry now…


  1. Korean Soup — Delivered! | Helping mothers give birth joyfully without fear

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